Are you someone with mental health illness looking to further your success all while having time for dinner with your family? This was me a while ago I was struggling with my mental illness to the point where it was hard to get up out of bed each day. Lingering staring at the sink full of dishes procrastinating because the anxiety in me was just overbearing. How could a simple task like "the dishes" be so scary. I remember telling other people my symptoms and them not understanding because I looked ok. I managed to turn things around I made a huge life-altering decision that changed my life for the better and because of this decision I have been featured in some of America's most Iconic magazines, For example, Good Housekeeping Magazine, WebMD, Traveladdicts Meerkat Motivation and even on a podcast called Ehealth radio where I discuss not only how I manage my Bipolar disorder but also how I became a Life coach Now would you like to know the secret to my success?

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Hi, I’m Clisver Alvarez

Are you going through a difficult time in your life, a time of change perhaps; where you don't know what to expect and you fear the possible outcome? Would you like to feel you alive? Like you're not drowning in the issues you face? have you been wanting to make a change in your life? Does it feel like something is blocking you? Are you staying afloat? Are you tired of your day-to-day? Possibly wanting a new career, a lifestyle change? Do you want more out of life? Have you been put in a situation where you feel stuck like there's no getting out? How would you like to discover what's blocking you? How would you like to get your life back in order? What if I told you that there was a formula that could help you not only get unstuck but it could also take you on a journey to self-discovery where you can learn your true passions and find answers to how you can accomplish and achieve your goals?

Have you ever felt like you wanted more from your life? Like the situation, you were living was just not right? Trust me I can relate. I've been there before in 2015 I was a married mother living at my mom's, unable to pay rent. I had lost my job due to an illness I was struggling with. I just felt like I was missing something. I decide to leap of faith. I took some money from my taxes, pretty much everything I had, and decided to change my life for the better! I moved out of state with my husband and five-year-old at the time. I will say it was the hardest decision I've ever taken but now that I look back It's been the best. The moral of the story is you have to believe in your self enough to take those types of risks. Here we are in the year 2020 and we are planning on buying a house. I have raised my credit score. I have not one but two business & am I the process of starting a third. All because I believed in myself. This course features life lessons and experiences from my life that have molded me and shaped me to be the person I am today. I am a certified mindset coach who specializes in transitions and transformations. I have been featured in many publications like #GoodHousekeepingMagazine #WebMD #EheathradioPodcast #Traveladdicts & might be featured in September's issue of #WomensHealthMagazine. All for how I've learned to manage my mental health and my lifestyle.

Sincerely, Clisver